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Re: [bug #7118] GNU Mach can't handle 1G memory

From: Gianluca Guida
Subject: Re: [bug #7118] GNU Mach can't handle 1G memory
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 02:01:46 +0100


Adding more memory to kernel mapping is indeed a good idea (stomach
has a rough hack that does the same almost).

Just another bothering question:

On 1/9/06, Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org> wrote:
> -       kernel_virtual_end = phys_last_addr + morevm;
> +       kernel_virtual_end = phys_last_addr + morevm
> +               + (phys_last_addr - phys_first_addr) / 15;
> +

IMO would be clearer to make 'morevm' include the 1/15th of the
memory. Since that variable is just for that, adding more VM.

Btw, this bug tracking system is just confusing me.

And btw Samuel, thanks to your incredible activity on GNU Mach, I have
a good excuse to stop the unionfs hacking for some time :-)


It was a type of people I did not know, I found them very strange and
they did not inspire confidence at all. Later I learned that I had been
introduced to electronic engineers.

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