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Re: Patch submission and discussion guidelines

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: Patch submission and discussion guidelines
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 23:48:09 -0500

On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 02:31 +0100, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> Okie, I'm fed up with the braindead crap that the Savannah tracker is.

What an extraordinarily differentiated statement of constructive

> Always send patches directly to bug-hurd first, when they have been
> discussed, and OKed, _then_ add it to the brain dead pile of shit that
> the Savannah tracker is.  Not before, not later.  When it has been
> added, to not change it.  Consider it as a commit to the CVS, and it
> is there forever.  Make a new bug report for the patch, and follow the
> above rules.
> Yeah, I'm pissed.

We encourage people to help in any way they can, and if they want to
work within the Savannah tools, then they are welcome to do so.  If they
prefer to work via e-mail, that is also good.


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