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[patch #4818] Dynamic memory allocation for Linux Device drivers in glue

From: Gianluca Guida
Subject: [patch #4818] Dynamic memory allocation for Linux Device drivers in glue.
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 21:41:05 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4818 (project hurd):

This is a new version of the zoned patch, which permits the linux glue to
dynamically allocate memory. 

Changes in this patch are a new function, linux_kmem_collect that now get
called by vm_pageout_scan.

Here's the changelog entry:

2006-01-20 Gianluca Guida <glguida@gmail.com>

        * vm/pmap.h (pmap_is_dma, pmap_is_normal): New functions.

        * vm/page.h (VM_PAGE_DMA): New macro.
        (vm_page_queue_free): Variable removed.
        (vm_page_queue_free_dma, vm_page_queue_free_normal): New
        (vm_page_physaddr_lookup, vm_page_grab_flags)
        (vm_page_grab_contiguous_pages_flags): New functions.
        (first_phys_addr, last_phys_addr): Declarations removed.
        (phys_first_addr, phys_last_addr): New declarations.

        * vm/vm_resident.c (vm_page_free_bitmap)
        (vm_page_free_bitmap_bitsz): New variables.
        (vm_page_free_bitmap_set, vm_page_free_bitmap_unset)
        (vm_page_free_bitmap_alloc, vm_page_array_init, vm_page_array_add)
        (vm_page_physaddr_lookup): New functions.
        (vm_page_bootstrap): Initialize vm_page_queue_free_normal and
        vm_page_queue_free_dma. Call vm_page_free_bitmap_alloc.
        (pmap_startup): Call vm_page_array_init. Add page to vm_page_array
        for physaddress-to-vm_page_t resolution. Do not release page in
        any particular order.
        (vm_page_create): Add page to vm_page_array.
        (vm_page_grab_flags, vm_page_grab_contiguous_pages_queue)
        (vm_page_grab_contiguous_flags): New functions.
        (vm_page_grab, vm_page_grab_contiguous_pages): Function rewritten.
        (vm_page_release): Select proper free list based on page type (DMA
        or non-DMA). Use Mach's queue handling funcitons not .next and
        .prev pointers manually. Set vm_page_free_bitmap when freeing a

        * i386/i386at/model_dep.c (use_all_mem): Always set to 1.
        (init_alloc_aligned): Do not use any particular oder during
        bootstrap allocation.
        (alloc_dma_mem): Function removed.

        * kern/startup.c: Include <vm/pmap.h>.
        (setup_main): Calculate memory size using phys_last_addr and

        * i386/intel/pmap.c (vm_page_normal_first, vm_page_normal_last)
        (vm_page_dma_first, vm_page_dma_last): New variables.
        (pmap_bootstrap): Set proper values to vm_page_normal_* and
        vm_page_dma_* based on system's memory.
        (pmap_is_dma, pmap_is_normal): New functions.

        * kern/startup.c: Removed /* XXX */ comments, since phys_last_addr
        and phys_first_addr are exported by pmap.c now.

        * linux/dev/glue/kmem.c: Include <mach/error.h>
        (MEM_CHUNK_SIZE, MEM_CHUNKS, NBPW): Macro removed.
        (pages_free, memlist, num_page_collect, linux_mem_avail):
        Variables removed.
        (memlist_dma, memlist_nml): New variables.
        (linux_kmem_init): No initialization needed anymore (all code
        (coalesce_blocks): Coalesce separately DMA memory blocks and
        non-DMA memory blocks.
        (linux_kmalloc): Check for DMA in priority argument. Select proper
        memlist to get blocks from. Pass dma information to
        (linux_kfree): Select proper memlist to free memory into.
        (collect_kmalloc_pages): Function removed.
        (collect_kmalloc_pages_dma, collect_kmalloc_pages_nml)
        (linux_kmem_collect): New functions.
        (__get_free_pages, free_pages): Functions rewritten.

        * linux/dev/init/main.c (CONTIG_ALLOC, NBPW): Macro removed.
        (CONTIG_ALLOC_ORDER): New macro.
        (linux_init): Use __getfreepages to allocate PCI initialization
        memory and free_pages to free it.
        (alloc_contig_mem, free_contig_mem): Functions removed.

        * vm/vm_pageout.c (vm_pageout_scan) [LINUX_DEV]: Call


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File name: vm_resident-zoned-patch-3.diff Size:43 KB
vm_resident zoned patch 3. Linux glue\'s unused memory is now collected by
pageout daemon.


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