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Re: GNU Mach's build system (partly) reworked

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: GNU Mach's build system (partly) reworked
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 19:28:45 +0100

   > ./configure --prefix='$(libexecdir)/foo' --libexecdir=/foo

   Do you really consider that as a valid use case?  Putting
   libexecdir's files into `/foo/' and everything else into

Yes, I have ended up using similar hacks on several occassions.

   If this really bothers you I can add that functionality, of course.


   >    I only left in those installation-related variables that are
   >    actually used: prefix, exec_prefix, bootdir and includedir.  I
   >    don't see the need for any others, but perhaps I'm overlooking
   >    something?
   > infodir/datadir/datarootdir?

   Those are not used within GNU Mach.

That is where the manual gets installed.  Looking at the Makefile.in,
it is hardcoded to the incorrect value of $(prefix)/info, but that is
for another day.

   > Would be better to simply stop using manually maintained .in's,
   > and use automake, then one won't have to care about such changes.
   > Jeff Bailey had such a patch.

   I was under the impression that his patches were for the Hurd only.

I think he did something for GNU Mach too.


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