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Mach or L4 or Coyotos or ... !

From: ahmed . 07
Subject: Mach or L4 or Coyotos or ... !
Date: 8 Apr 2006 16:21:05 -0700
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Hi all. Guys I _was_ really interested about Hurd development and all
those new things (Microkernel, multi-servers, OO, ..). So I downloaded
code, willing to study it to be able to contribute. Till now no
problems !. But really guys Please stick on a consistent path.

In the doc/navigating file, it says I should have good understanding
of the Mach microkernel. Then I see some guys say L4 is much better
and quicker than Mach. So Hurd will be ported to L4. THEN, I hear that
HURD main maintaners wants to make HURD be built over Coyotos !.

Guys for God's sake, you are pushing all the developers out instead of
attracting them. I wanted to contribute. But I don't Like the idea
that my code and work will be nothin if normally the maintainers just
chose another microkernel cause of a missing feature in the current

Please try to attract developers. If Coyotos is the right path, stick
with it.
I hope I can help you guys when you really have a clear direction path.

Ahmed Darwish

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