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HurdExtras gaining momentum again

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: HurdExtras gaining momentum again
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 11:55:59 -0400
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Some of you might already have noticed--be it by participating in the
#hurd IRC channel or by following HurdExtras's mailing lists--that
HurdExtras is gaining momentum again.

This is due to Manuel Menal, who took the challenge of contacting the
authors (it's been years...) whose translators and tools he finally
committed to the repository.

  jfs -- a JFS translator
  mboxfs --  a mailbox file system translator
  memfs -- a memory based file system translator
  notice -- request file change notification messages
  pith -- the Perl interface to the Hurd
  run -- a simple run translator
  xmlfs -- a translator for accessing XML documents

Manuel also made sure that all those translators (and the others that are
already installed in the repository; apart from gopherfs and httpfs) are
basically functioning.

If _you_ want to contribute to this effort, feel free to contact the
hurdextras-hackers mailing list,

One thing I noticed (as a participant of the hurdextras-hackers mailing
list) is that it seems that several messages didn't get through to the

Does someone (Alfred, you're listed to be the list administrator for the
HurdExtras lists) still do moderation and other maintenance work for
these lists?  If nobody does and there are no objections from the other
participants of HurdExtras's mailing lists, I'd offer to take that over;
as the audience knows, I'm also doing moderation and maintenance work for
all of the other Hurd mailing lists--to the complete satisfaction of
everybody, afaIct.


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