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Re: The Hurd wiki

From: Alfredo Beaumont
Subject: Re: The Hurd wiki
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 13:39:20 +0200

On 4/18/06, Thomas Schwinge <tschwinge@gnu.org> wrote:
> [If you follow up, you might want to do so sending mail to only
> <URL:mailto:web-hurd@gnu.org>; people interested the topic started below
> may want to join <URL:http://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/web-hurd>;
> I'll later--once we have an agreement--post a summary to all lists
> again.]
> On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 05:29:30PM +0200, Tom Bachmann wrote:
> > Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > > > [Writing documentation for this and that and everything.]
> > > More importantly, neither of us [Marcus and Neal] currently has the
> > > time to pursue this full time or even part time.  Nothing can be done
> > > about it.
> Understandable.
> > It might be useful to give into public the bits that are already done
> > (as you did)
> Agreed.
> > and adding it to the wiki content.
> Let me elaborate a bit; this is the reason for posting this mail to a
> number of mailing lists.
> Since the old Hurd wiki is basically no longer satisfying both content
> wise and software wise and both parts are rather unfrugal to get sorted
> out easily, I'm about to present an idea of a new wiki system Neal
> pointed me to: <URL:http://ikiwiki.kitenet.net/>, which is in fact a
> system I've loosely been thinking about and looking for (i.e. not
> systematically) for months (well..., years).
> Appetizer:
> The wiki's content (formatted in a simple, hardly noticeable, most
> intuitive meta language) is stored in a repository of a common revision
> control system.  Subversion is implemented, others seem to be rather
> trivial to add, I have darcs in mind.
> Basically, all that the wiki system does is take the content from the
> revision control system and compile it into HTML pages.
> That means, you can check-out the repository at home, work on it
> (off-line) using your favourite version of Emacs (or ed ;-) and later
> commit it or send a patch.  This sounds really appealing to me.
> Alternatively you can work on the wiki's content like you do with every
> other wiki system: clumsily in your browser.
> I need some more time to evaluate it, but would already appreciate input
> of every manner.

I do like this idea, specially if darcs is supported :) It would be
easier to work with this way, at least for me.

> If / why we need a wiki and topics like that are to be discussed on the
> web-hurd mailing list, please.
> Regards,
>  Thomas
> P.S. The wiki engine is written in Perl.  But wait.  Joey states to care
> about the system's security, so I suppose he is not writing it akin to
> the way most of the other commonly known Perl hackery is written in.  ;-)
> --
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