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Re: [task #5485] Design and implement a sound system

From: Esben Stien
Subject: Re: [task #5485] Design and implement a sound system
Date: Sat, 06 May 2006 18:08:37 +0200
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Richard Braun <syn@sceen.net> writes:

> I don't really see the problem with file descriptors

"File descriptors are not bad. The problem is an interface based around
open/read/write/close. Video has the exact same issue, with the
solution widely understood: individual apps do not
open/read/write/close the video device." - paul-davis

> Do you think it'd be possible to have JACK without an ALSA or OSS
> interface on the Hurd ?

Yes, I've talked to Paul Davis, the author of JACK. He would advice
you to start a thread on the jackit-devel mailinglist[1]. 


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