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GNU/Hurd sound system

From: Richard Braun
Subject: GNU/Hurd sound system
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 17:04:51 +0200
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I've learnt a few moments ago that the Google SoC accepted proposal
concerned NFS (congratulations manuel ;-)). This also means that the
GNU/Hurd sound system hasn't been accepted. Nonetheless, I'm still
considering working on this during the next months, so
1) Gianluca : are you still interested in mentoring this project ?
2) I had some comments about the proposed strategy on the SoC page.
I guess the authors of those comments would like to discuss it more
deeply now that we don't have time limits any more. The proposal was
about porting ALSA drivers in GNU Mach (could they live in userland ?),
adding the necessary glue code inside the kernel, adding a GNU Mach
device interface specific to sound devices, and writing a translator
acting as a bridge between GNU Mach and sound applications. The next part
of the proposal wasn't unanimously accepted : I suggested that the
translator should provide an ALSA interface to sound applications,
so that alsa-lib could be easily ported, and then all sound applications
using the ALSA interface. I was also pointing the fact that the
translator could transparently add more features than simply directing
sound to GNU Mach (e.g. loadable modules could send sound to a remote
network sound server). I also stated that the user interface may easily
be changed to another (better) interface, possibly a Hurd specific
interface (but it would force many sound applications to be patched).
Let me know your opinion.

Richard Braun

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