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[bug #17123] not unmounting file systems on system halt

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: [bug #17123] not unmounting file systems on system halt
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:56:04 +0200
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17123 (project hurd):

21:12 < youpi> Mmm, ext2fs doesn't seem to have a S_startup_dosync() handler,
is that intended ? I'm not sure it performs sync on shutdown
21:13 < youpi> I mean, if I call sync before halt for shutting my hurd box
down, I have not error on reboot fsck
21:13 < youpi> else I have quite some
21:14 < tschwinge> youpi: I can confirm that behaviour.
21:14 < antrik> that would explain a lot...
21:14 < youpi> and between sync and halt, some process could write on the
disk, so calling sync by hand isn't a solution
21:22 < antrik> well, someone claimed the hurd ext2fs is written in such a
manner that the data on disk should be consistent at any time... if that's
the case, maybe sync wasn't considered necessary, or something
21:23 < youpi> !
21:23 < youpi> yeah, data is consistent
21:23 < youpi> I've not noticed any data loss
21:24 < youpi> but deleted  but memory-living inodes are not deleted on the
21:24 < youpi> "deleted but memory-living", I meant
21:26 < youpi> (hence the "deleted inode xxx has zero dtime" fsck
21:28 < bing> youpi: ogi would be a great guy to ask this questoin of
21:28 < youpi> and what about memory-mapped files ?
21:28 < youpi> they need be flushed
21:34 < youpi> hum, sorry yet, ext2fs has one, coming from libdiskfs, but
21:35 < youpi> how is it that we still have errors ? :)
21:36 < antrik> ?
21:38 < youpi> libdiskfs has a S_startup_dosync() which calls
diskfs_sync_everything() in ext2, which should do the work
21:42 < antrik> ah, OK


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