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Re: transition to automake'fied GNU Mach

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: transition to automake'fied GNU Mach
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 21:54:39 +0100
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On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 06:44:02PM +0300, Constantine Kousoulos wrote:
> Constantine Kousoulos wrote:
> >After the upgrade to automake1.9 the problem persists.
> When i wiped my build directory and reconfigured, the problem 
> remained the same.
> What was actually needed was a 'autoreconf -vfi' to get things 
> working. After that, 'configure' and 'make' proceeded without 
> unexpeded error messages.

I just installed the following --- the `1.9' part is the imporatant one
here --- to easily save us from similar problems in the future:

2006-11-05  Thomas Schwinge <tschwinge@gnu.org>

        [task #5956 --- ``Automake'ify GNU Mach's code base'']
        * configure.ac <AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE>: Add `no-define' and `1.9'.


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