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Gnumach clean-up Round 2

From: Barry deFreese
Subject: Gnumach clean-up Round 2
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 12:18:38 -0500

Here is a patch for another round of cleanup. This gets rid of warnings for strcmp, strlen, and printf.

 * include/stdio.h  New file
 * include/string.h New declarations:
   *  strcmp, strlen, strncmp, strcpy, strncopy, strsep, strchr, strrchar
 * chips/busses.c  Include string.h and stdio.h
 * ipc/ipc_entry.c Include stdio.h
 * ipc/ipc_hash.c  Likewise
 * ipc/ipc_kmsg.c Likewise
 * ipc/ipc_notify.c Likewise
 * ipc/ipc_object.c Likewise
 * ipc/ipc_port.c Likewise
 * ipc/ipc_pset.c Likewise
 * ipc/mach_msg.c Likewise
 * ipc/mach_port.c Likewise
 * ipc/mach_rpc.c Likewise
 * kern/debug.c Likewise
 * kern/eventcount.c Likewise
 * kern/ipc_kobject.c Likewise
 * kern/pc_sample.c Likewise
 * kern/sched_prim.c Likewise
 * kern/thread.c Likewise
 * kern/zalloc.c Likewise
 * vm/vm_fault.c Likewise
 * vm/vm_map.c Likewise
 * vm/vm_object.c Likewise
 * vm/vm_resident.c Likewise
 * kern/bootstrap.c Include stdio.h, remove include for kern/strings.h
 * kern/printf.c Likewise
* kern/strings.c Include sys/types.h, string.h, remove include for kern/strings.h

If it looks OK, please commit.

Thank you,

Barry deFreese (aka bddebian)

Attachment: gnumach_clean_2.diff
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