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Re: Gnumach clean-up Round 2

From: Claudio Fontana
Subject: Re: Gnumach clean-up Round 2
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 10:12:35 -0800 (PST)

--- Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> wrote: 

> Here is a patch for another round of cleanup.  This
> gets rid of warnings for 
> strcmp, strlen, and printf.
>   * include/stdio.h  New file
>   * include/string.h New declarations:
>     *  strcmp, strlen, strncmp, strcpy, strncopy,
> strsep, strchr, strrchar

I now understand this is not required, since
these are your internal functions, but maybe

to mimic the regular standard functions?


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