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regarding "HURD"

From: arnuld
Subject: regarding "HURD"
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 13:07:37 +0530

hai all,

this is my 1st post here. i also sent this email to "L4-HURD" mailing
list. i am simply putting it here to know what your views are:

yesterday, i searched last months archives of this mailing list which
gave me an insight into the the conversation happened here & also i
came to know some very interesting things. just stay with me here &
before i go on i must tell you my reason of writing this email:


why i am doing this? because *technically* Linux was possible because
of GNU. i am talking about tools & resources, not about freedom. even
if you cut away the freedom part GNU still wins the technical ground &
i am running a Linux based GNU system as my Desktop. that was possible
because of (tools + GPL) of GNU. i want to give a contribution in
return & i have decided that i will only work on "copyleft" softwares.
i & this whole world owe many thanks to RMS.

now i will get down to the point:

i am always *fascinated* by the idea of a microkernel based OS
especially these 2 things always mesmerised me:


i have never worked for any project, i dont even know a programming
language completely. i just know some Common Lisp, 50% of C & right
now learning C++. i dont have any idea of system programming, device
drivers, GUIs, UIs, Algorithms, Data-Structures etc etc. still i spent
whole 5 months (March-August 2006) reading articles on L4, FIASCO,
HURD, OSs etc from different online resources. i feel attached to "OS
programming" & after searching the archives yesterday, i came across
these 2 new things:


i also know that even after decades of work *we* are not able to
create a microkernel based copyleft OS, one of my dreams. i include
myself in *we* as FSF is doing work for users & developers, not for
itself. after so much thought, i propose to write a new, fresh
microkernel for HURD OS & i am willing to help in coding. i know it is
not easy & i also know since early 1980s we kept on changing &
changing because of *things outside* . we kept on changing our
microkernels since 1983 & it did not do any good to us. it is not bad
but we have neither failed nor succeeded, & that way from this path we
carry lots of experience & specific technical knowledge that very few
people on this planet possess. i propose to put our time & energy into
the application of the expertise we have into the direction where we
have never gone, our own microkernel.

still, i see Neal,Marcus,Shapiro & a few others whose name i usually
forgot (sorry for that) carry expertise. i am open to thoughts.

-- arnuld

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