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From: arnuld
Subject: on HURD
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 22:59:05 +0530

it seems like HURD development is stalled.  also Debian HURD K10 CDs
carry the date  Nov 26, 2005. we are developing HURD since 1983,
almost 23 years now. i think we need to change our aproach. what does
RMS say about this?

and these are from ESR (http://catb.org/esr/writings/rms-bio.html):

"In FAIF, Sam quotes Rich Morin: "The community reaction [to the GNU
manifesto] was pretty much uniform. People said, 'Oh, that's a great
idea. Show us your code. Show us it can be done.'" He's right; that's
how we all felt. I remember thinking that GNU seemed like a great
idea, but that this shaggy dude I knew from SF conventions seemed an
unlikely candidate to carry it off. He wasn't one of us. He wasn't a
Unix guy."

i think ESR is right. he is quite intellectual just like RMS is technical.

NO, trust me, i am not criticizing RMS. deep inside my heart i have
great respect for him & true friends are the ones who also tell you
about the things you did wrong. this is what i am saying.  i feel HURD
is like a part of my body & i am missing this part. as i said in my
previous post we need to put our expertise into
a new direction, into the direction that does not lead to the place
where we are trying to reach from last 23 years. we need to change.
just analyse the HURD histrory & thought over what i said for some


-- arnuld



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