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Re: glibc category in the Hurd bug tracker

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: glibc category in the Hurd bug tracker
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:27:26 -0800 (PST)

> People told me that this was not a too good idea, so I'd like to propose
> something else instead: we use the glibc Bugzilla tracker for glibc stuff
> and Roland adds some magic that makes every report with ``Component''
> equaling ``hurd'' get a cc to <bug-hurd@gnu.org> added.  Roland,
> something like that should be possible with Bugzilla, no?

I can change the default owner for the component from me to the list.
There is no auto-cc I see in the admin interface, though I know we have an
auto-cc for all glibc bugs to a ml.  Maybe the same can be done by component.
Please ask Daniel Berlin <dberlin@dberlin.org>, who runs the server.

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