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[patch #5019] Remove checks for continuations

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: [patch #5019] Remove checks for continuations
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 21:50:56 +0000
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Update of patch #5019 (project hurd):

                  Status:             In Progress => Done                   
             Open/Closed:                    Open => Closed                 


Follow-up Comment #1:

I installed the following:

2006-12-03  Thomas Schwinge  <tschwinge@gnu.org>

        [patch #5019 --- ``Remove checks for continuations'']

        * DEVELOPMENT: Document the removal.

        * i386/configfrag.ac (CONTINUATIONS): Don't define.

2006-12-03  Leonardo Lopes Pereira  <leonardolopespereira@gmail.com>

        [patch #5019 --- ``Remove checks for continuations'']
        * ipc/mach_msg.c: Adopt all users of CONTINUATIONS as if it were always
        * kern/eventcount.c: Likewise.
        * kern/ipc_sched.c: Likewise.
        * kern/syscall_subr.c: Likewise.
        * vm/vm_fault.c: Likewise.
        * vm/vm_pageout.c: Likewise.
        * vm/vm_resident.c: Likewise.

Thanks for the patch!


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