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Re: Hurd library HOWTO: RFC

From: Shakthi Kannan
Subject: Re: Hurd library HOWTO: RFC
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 22:30:52 +0530

Hi Thomas,

On 12/9/06, Thomas Schwinge <tschwinge@gnu.org> wrote:
Apart from the `Makefile' snippet which uses the Hurd build system
machinery this process should be equal to creating a shared library on
any other GNU/Linux or even Unix system.  And the Hurd build system
machinery is what we eventually want to get rid of when switching to an
Automake build system, which is -- of course -- possible for external
libraries already right now.


> Is it possible to compile a library with the Hurd include header files
> alone without having to build the Hurd sources, if there are no other
> library dependancies?

I'm not sure I understand this question.

Sorry for not being clear. I meant building external libraries, which
you have answered.



Shakthi Kannan

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