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super grub disk 0.9567 boot gnu/hurd

From: adrian15
Subject: super grub disk 0.9567 boot gnu/hurd
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 18:14:34 +0100
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Hello Gnu/Hurders:

Super Grub Disk (Boot rescue cdrom, if you want it in floppy, just ask me) now it is supposed to boot Gnu/Hurd as a normal thing or as a superuser.

Options you should issue to boot it are:
Your Language -> Advanced -> Other Oses -> Hurd -> Auto Boot -> Same root and boot partition.

And boot it with the single mode:

Your Language -> Advanced -> Other Oses -> Hurd -> Install Hurd (same root and boot partition)

This will present you a menu with all the partitions where there are /boot/gnumach.gz files, you select one of them and it boots.


I am subscribed to the bug-hurd@gnu.org waiting for your impressions.

Any of you have Gnu/Hurd installed with a separate /boot partition, if it is right I want to know your menu.lst?

Any of you have a complex (many partitions like in unix systems) Gnu/Hurd installation?

The url for download it is:



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