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Re: [task #5490] syslog

From: Constantine Kousoulos
Subject: Re: [task #5490] syslog
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 13:10:55 +0200
User-agent: Icedove (X11/20061220)

Hello all,

In order to make the Hurd servers use syslog, i have set up a
simple translator that can receive log messages and then call
syslog on behalf of the sender. I have experimented with the proc
"server" and it seems to be working. What do you think of this

Another matter is what information needs to be syslog'd. IMO the more
experienced hurd-ers already know what they need or would like to
see syslog'd. Please do tell!!

Filesystem logging is a separate issue that i haven't touched yet.
I don't think it's optimal to send messages from the fs to my
translator and then use the fs to write to the log! What if the fs
crashes or malfunctions?

Thats all for now!


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