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Write a VFAT translator

From: christian nastasi
Subject: Write a VFAT translator
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 10:31:58 +0200

Hi all,
first of all I have to present myself since it is my first time writing to this community, I have also to apologize for my English. I'm university student of computer engineering and I would like to help the HURD developing with my contribute. This is my first time in such a thing, though I'm a quite good experience in computer programming, and Thomas told me to try with the extension of the FAT translator to the VFAT support for LongFileName. So I began reading something here and there, specially to understand how the current FAT translator works and how Linux kernel support for VFAT  works. Now I want to make some questions.
1- the VFAT translator should be considered another implementation independent from the FAT, or it should use the common parts (like the linux kernel) from FAT(that I guess is the best solution) and implements the differences? This requires some re-organization, I think.

2- the FAT translator uses diskfs library(I want to know if I understand how it works). I will try to describe it very very simply. This diskfs uses the callbacks to access the FAT implementation, so we should need to have different implementations for these callbacks that are the VFAT ones. Is it correct? This will depend by the choose we made for the previous question.

3- The LFN support use unicode representation, even if the short file name entry is stored in ASCII. Does we have some translation functions for this or one should be created ad hoc (like linux kernel).

... There many other thing that I could ask you, but don't like to have haste  for this developing. Do you have any suggestion or whatever you have to say that could be help me?
Thank you and pardon for my bad English.
Great Regards.

Christian Nastasi  

GNU's Better
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