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fat directory entries on different blocks

From: christian nastasi
Subject: fat directory entries on different blocks
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 15:15:13 +0200

Hi all,
when looking at the code of the fatfs translator I saw we assumes that the direcotry entries could not span more then one block (as also Marcus told me). For LFN entries this could not be assumed, or I hope that someone could correct me if I'm wrong. I looked at the Microsoft specifications for fat file systems and I found nothing about limitations  for LFN spanning over many blocks. Limitations is for directory size, but I think we cannot assume that the LFN entries, are on the same block, can we?
So, the fatfs translator need some restructuring, as Marcus also told me. Now I need to know what we have to do with the compression. For instance, I could define a dir_scan_blocks(for the whole dir) instead of the current dirscanblock() (for a single block) where make multiplexing between fat and vfat. For the compression, do you think we should limit it to the single block, in a set of blocks, or the whole directory?
If there is something wrong, please tell me.
Thanks and regards.

Christian Nastasi  

GNU's Better
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