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xf86ReadBIOS() can't device open

From: Jose Luis Alarcon Sanchez
Subject: xf86ReadBIOS() can't device open
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 14:26:47 +0200
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Hi Folks.

I have a just now compiled gnumach kernel from Branch 1. It looks
run okey except at time of run Xorg. The boot of X stop with
this mesage:

Fatal server error:
xf86ReadBIOS() can't device open. ((os/device) no such device)

At this point i can do Ctrl+z and kill the process. If i return
to the kernel that came with K14 CD i can run Xorg without
problems (only with vesa driver, you know...).

I used autoreconf -i -f for build the configure script, and used
the --enable-lpr --enable-floppy flags to run it. The configure
went well, but finished with a warning about it's better have
automake-1.10 than my actual automake-1.9. I tried apt-get
the newer version, but in the hurd repositories don't exist

The make part was really quickly and around 7 or 9 minutes the
gnumach binary was build. At this point i did 'strip gnumach'
copy in the /boot repository (previous backup of the former
kernel) and at last gzip gnumach.

Reboot okey, net okey, hurd console okey, all looks okey, except
this problem with xf86ReadBIOS(). :(

What do you think about it?. Can you help with this, please?.

Thanks you very much, in advance.



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