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Updated Entropy Patch

From: Michael Casadevall
Subject: Updated Entropy Patch
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 11:20:33 -0400

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This is an updated version of my original entropy patch (both entropy files go into gnumach/device). It exposes a new interface for adding entropy, entropy_putdata, removes the twisting code, and now hooks in additional places. I'm still having trouble getting good sources on entropy, the following are used at the moment:

Net packet headers (I would use the entire packet, but it doesn't appear to be an easy way to get to this in the linux code)
Mouse (untested; no mouse on my system)
Console device

What I wanted to add was:
Interrupts (I don't know enough about ASM to add the call though)

What is also in the patch but disabled due to the fact I don't think it makes good entropy: linux_blkdevice_random (this only generates 03 due to the way we use the Linux driver code) Mach IPC messages (I find the data isn't THAT random, and each message is mostly empty)

Any suggestions on where to hook this throughout the kernel? (and I am working on a random translator, I just haven't had much time)

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