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Re: Maintenance of the Hurd parts in glibc (was: about GNU Hurd)

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Re: Maintenance of the Hurd parts in glibc (was: about GNU Hurd)
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 03:42:46 +0200
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On Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 02:36:32PM -0400, Richard Stallman wrote:

> There may be a misunderstanding.   Two different issues were raised:
> getting Hurd-related changes into Glibc, and getting changes into the
> Hurd.

Well yes. While the glibc issue seems to have turned out mostly a
communication problem (although some of Ullrich Drepper's comments on
the Hurd-related bugs suggested otherwise...), the Hurd issue is much
more fundamental.

There is no problem for obvious fixes: There are at least two active
developers with commit access, who can directly commit such obvious
things. However, the currently active people are relatively new to the
Hurd, and aren't confindent enough yet to decide on any more fundamental
matters; while those who have been around long enough to have the
necessary understanding, are lacking either time or interest -- so often
there is just nobody to even comment on a proposed change, far less to
give it official blessing :-(

The result is that most patches end up in Debian GNU/Hurd (the Debian
maintainers happily apply any patch that seems to improve things, no
matter whether it's a "proper" solution or only an experimental hack);
but most of them never make it to the official Hurd CVS.


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