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Naming per-translator instance (was Re: Channel sessions)

From: Carl Fredrik Hammar
Subject: Naming per-translator instance (was Re: Channel sessions)
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 15:15:57 +0200
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Carl Fredrik Hammar <hammy.lite@gmail.com> writes:

> So in conclusion, a channel is a per-open entity, while a channel
> class is a per-server entity.  When you layer channels you actually
> layer channel classes, how the actual channels get layered is
> class-specific.  The class might open a new channel or it may re-use a
> single shared channel.  Actually, ``channel factory'' might be a
> better word than class, but I think I'll stick with class.

I've been reconsidering renaming the per-translator entity, henceforth
referred to as a factory, of libchannel to something more substantial
then `class' and use that term for the method holding structs for both
channel and factory structs.  Class also gives the feel of

But factory is also a unsatisfying term, it's a bit difficult to talk
about layering two factories.  The alternatives I can think of are
`server' and `hub'.

Calling it a server is a bit of a stretch and a bit to vague.  I
leaning towards calling it a `hub', which gives a nice concreate image
of what one is dealing with, also it's very concise.

But I would like some other suggestions or at least a second opinion
on this matter.


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