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Re: cross-gnu : mawk syntax error

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: cross-gnu : mawk syntax error
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 16:48:40 +0700

>>>>> "AG" == Ashish Gokhale <<ag2001_email@yahoo.co.in> > writes:

        [Speaking totally out of my mind.]

 AG> I am trying to compile the Hurd system for some time now & seem to
 AG> run into problems. I am receiving syntax error for mawk as follows:


        It may be due to use of some GNU Awk extension which is not
        supported by Mawk.

 AG> if I uninstall mawk & configure /usr/bin/awk to point to gawk,

        I believe, you haven't to.  Could you try running `configure'
        like this (inside of the build directory):

$ AWK=gawk /the/source/configure [... anything you've specified before...]

        Usually, I keep the source trees within builds/src/, and the
        build trees within builds/, so I use:

$ cd build/
$ tar -C src/ -zxf /the/package-0.1.23.tar.gz
$ mkdir package-0.1.23-build
$ cd package-0.1.23-build
$ ../src/package-0.1.23/configure [... arguments...]
$ nohup time make &

        (Although not every package may be built this way, it's, IIRC,
        the preferred way, to build the GNU Hurd.)

 AG> I get mawk comman not found error. How to proceed?

        Check if there're any dangling references to `mawk' in either
        the source or build tree, e. g. (assuming the source tree is
        below source/ and the build one is below build/):

$ grep -rlF mawk source/ build/

        Check if the files containing the references could be remade and
        if they could, remake them.  Most likely you've to re-run
        `configure' to make it find the Awk program you're want to

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