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Re: Distributed Revision Control System (was: Maintenance of the Hurd pa

From: Tim Retout
Subject: Re: Distributed Revision Control System (was: Maintenance of the Hurd parts in glibc)
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:02:09 +0000

Hi! This response is a bit delayed, but...

On Tue, 2007-07-24 at 21:31 +0200, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> After that endeavor of conversion is over and proves to be working well,
> as a next step I intend to publish a git mirror of the Hurd source
> repository.

I would appreciate a public git mirror - I have created my own, but have
not yet subjected it to much testing, so I won't advertise the URL for
the moment.  An "official" git mirror on Savannah would probably have
more bandwidth available than my server.

Presumably hurd/gnumach/mig mirrors could be created in the same way as
Jim Meyering did for emacs:


> > I've already tailored it to Mercurial, if someone is interested:
> > 
> > http://arcanes.fr.eu.org/~pierre/2007/07/hurd/
> Thanks.  Maybe that already fits some peoples' needs?

That mirror does not appear to have been kept up-to-date to me.

Tim Retout <diocles@gnu.org>

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