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Re: client-side memory buffers

From: Joshua Stratton
Subject: Re: client-side memory buffers
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 15:35:36 -0600

> Do you think the client-side
> memory model is worthwhile?  And would the server allocating the memory
> passing it to the client using the Mach semantics allow this client-side
> memory model while avoiding the ability for clients to unmap the
> data?

Yes, I think such accounting is worthwhile, it is what I am doing with
Viengoos, however, I question the ability to realize it using Mach's


Hey, I've rewritten my SoC proposal again.  It eliminates the EROS model completely.  From the feedback I've received from several people, many things such as the client-side memory management is too difficult (if not impossible) in Mach. 

The proposal now focuses on a Plan9-style interface for the TCP/IP network stack.  This would provide a file-system hierarchy for browsing.  The implementation would also provide an ASCII interface similar to Plan9's where the information is easily accessible to the console and the user can specify commands piped directly to the translator with no need for external libraries. 


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