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Re: GSoC project about virtualization using Hurd mechanisms

From: zhengda
Subject: Re: GSoC project about virtualization using Hurd mechanisms
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 23:45:15 +0200
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olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net wrote:

On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 06:00:38PM +0200, Zheng Da wrote:

So could you give me some more advices to help me get into the project
faster? For example, which article or which part of code should I read

I think studying the interaction between the TCP/IP stack (pfinet) and
the kernel eth0 device is the best starting point.



In the network driver of gnumach, the packet filter mechanism is provided to spread packets it receives to right servers. In hurd, pfinet registers a filter when it open the ethernet device (this ethernet device can be thought as a stub, right?), so it can receive the packet it wants from the network. pfinet calls device_write() to send the packet to the packet. gnumach gets the packet from device_write(), and sends it to the network, and, meanwhile, it sends one copy to the packet filter. If we set the filter well, I believe the pfinet can get the copy. (But I haven't gone through the code of the packet filter, so I'm not sure about it) If it works, does it mean pfinet servers have already been able to communicate with each other?

If it doesn't work, I have another proposal:
We reimplement the functions in ethernet.c, which sends the packet to other pfinets.
The problem is how pfinet knows which one it should send to.
One solution is that every pfinet sends its packets to one process which decides the destination for every packet. In this case, the extra process just works like a virtual network driver. The benefit of the solution is that we can do many things in the extra process to simulate the network. But it might be not very efficient. Every packet needs to go to the user space twice when it is delivered to the destination pfinet.

Zheng Da

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