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Re: purpose for xmlfs improvment -GSoC application -

From: Carl Fredrik Hammar
Subject: Re: purpose for xmlfs improvment -GSoC application -
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 14:34:26 +0200
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Charly Caulet <charly.caulet@no-log.org> writes:

> Hello,
> I have wrote some possibilities of xmlfs improvment in that document
> (http://deux-fleurs.net/analyse-xmlfs).
> I would like to discuss my choices. So please, send comments and ideas.

My first reaction is that the order of nodes is too hard to obtain.
The order of nodes are important to many XML documents, and having to
map directory entries to the entries in the `.hierarchy' file seems
much too clumsy.

One possibility would be to simply prefix the non-attribute nodes with
numbers, e.g.  `1 author', `2 title', `3 isbn'.  The problem here
is with insertion, because it would require renaming the following
nodes prior to this.

One way of tackling this would be to have a specifiable spacing
between the numbers, e.g.  `10 author', `20 title', `30 isbn'.  The
space will run out, but a command for re-spacing the existing nodes
would be fix this.  The only problem I can think of is that it might
be hard to keep track of a node's filename across such an operation.

I believe this, plus some forethought on the user's part with respect
to the spacing and need for inserts, would be more convenient than a
`.hierarchy' file.


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