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Accepted (and other) GSoC projects

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Accepted (and other) GSoC projects
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 06:21:16 +0200
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This is a bit late, but there we go...

The student selection has been finalized last monday. We got four slots.
(Probably we could have got one or two more if we asked for it, but we
don't have enought mentors...)

The following projects are in:

- Flávio Manuel Fernandes Cruz will be working on Lisp bindings for the
  Hurd, to allow writing translators in Common Lisp

- Andrei Barbu will be working on dtrace (or perhaps SystemTap) support

- Zheng Da will be working on improving support for subhurds and other
  kinds of subenvironments, with a focus on networking

- Madhusudan.C.S will be working on creating a functional procfs
  translator that will allow running tools like top, killall, pgrep etc.

These are the students that are official participants, and get a stipend
from Google. Of those who didn't get in, some have expressed a wish to
try working on their respective projects nevertheless: Joshua Stratton
on a hurdish TCP/IP stack; Göktürk Yüksek on gnumach code cleanup;
Sergiu Ivanov (probably) on namespace-based translator selection; Charly
Caulet on xmlfs; and perhaps one or two others, if they can find the
time. Let's welcome those as well :-)

Last friday we had an IRC meeting with all the accepted students and
mentors. (And some of the other students too...) Unfortunately, I
totally forgot to invite those who aren't mentoring themselfs, but
helping with organisation. Luckily Andrei took down minutes of the
meeting, see


You can also read the whole discussion in the logs on


(Starting around 21:00)

Most important point: We decided to have regular meetings, every friday
19:00 UTC :-)


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