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codeswarm videos for GNU/Hurd and gnumach

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: codeswarm videos for GNU/Hurd and gnumach
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 04:23:10 +0200
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I just created a GNU/Hurd and a gnumach codeswarm video - each timed to show 
the full code history in about 1 minute. 

I thought they might interest you :) 

- gnumach: http://draketo.de/filme/cc-nc-sa/gnumach_code_evolution.avi
- GNU/Hurd: http://draketo.de/filme/cc-nc-sa/gnu_hurd_code_evolution_1_min.avi

in gnumach, red is the "kern", while in "hurd" red is stuff in "release". 

.*doc.* is dark blue and any stuff named .*linux.* is shown in a blue-green in 

If you know better schemes to cathegorize the repository, please tell me :) 

Best wishes, 
PS: License: Whatever you want. I prefer GPL or similar, but there are really 
good artists out there who publish under cc licenses via magnatune... 

-- Weblog: http://blog.draketo.de
-- Infinite Hands: http://infinite-hands.draketo.de - singing a part of the 
history of free software. 
-- Ein W├╝rfel System: http://1w6.org - einfach saubere (Rollenspiel-) Regeln

-- PGP/GnuPG: http://draketo.de/inhalt/ich/pubkey.txt

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