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Re: GSoC projects

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Re: GSoC projects
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 10:03:57 +0530

Hi Thomas,

I don't know github.com.  But not why simply host (a secondary/backup of)
the Hurd wiki on the GNU Savannah machine already now?  Then we can --
later, when the needed infrastructure is in place -- just do a clean
switch-over (from Barry's flubber to GNU Savannah; for the main wiki

I'd prefer if such things would go over some of the Hurd mailing lists,
before something is said to have been decided in an IRC channel.  Which
none of the GNU Hurd maintainers is really regularely frequenting.

I am sorry for not making this clear. The main reason to setup a backup
repository was to make the GSoC projects going on smooth even when the
main repository at flubber was not accessible(to be very frank, from past
2 weeks or so whenever I have tried I have not been able to access it :(. I
have not been able to make any changes in my wiki page) and  I am sorry
if it was mistook to be some sort of competitor to main Hurd wiki (I felt so
when you said "Which none of the GNU Hurd maintainers is really regularly

 Anyways I have setup the backup repository at github.com. I am sending the
details about how to access them in a separate mail to all GSoC mentors and
participants and also to bug-hurd. But I would like to know if you are doing
this at Savannah sometime soon. If so when will it be up? Can I stop the work
on github.com and if possible can I take the responsibility of maintaining the
wiki at savannah (I would like to do this)? If savannah thing cannot be setup
sometime soon, do you wish to maintain the entire hurd wiki at github.com?

Of course, setting up a mirror of the Hurd wiki repo is nothing
fundamental :-), but nevertheless: if we have the facilities at GNU
Savannah, then why resort to an external service provider?  Or can
github.com do something cool which I don't know of yet?

Few things are cool!. Web Interface at github.com is really cool! And
getting a repository up and to usable state and also giving commit access
to those who want to work on the wiki is is not as stringent as savannah
thingie. Anyways its your wish and decision as a Hurd Admin to take this
in whichever direction you want. I have no intention of misleading things
here. I hope this did not hurt you. If so I am really sorry for that and will
take care to see to it that this doesn't happen again.

Thanks and regards,

Blogs at: www.madhusudancs.info

Thanks and regards,

Blogs at: www.madhusudancs.info
Official Email ID: madhusudan@madhusudancs.info

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