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Re: GSoC projects

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Re: GSoC projects
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 10:16:36 +0530

Hi antrik,

Well, I do actually see one problem with hosting it on Savannah: It
means every wiki committer needs To have a Savannah account, be part of
the Hurd project, and have commit rights. (Which means commit rights to
all Hurd stuff, unless Savannah has a way to selectively give commit
permissions for individual git repositories...)

These things are involved in github.com also, but not as stringent. To commit
to a repository at github.com one needs an account at github.com. The procedure
of creating a new account is so simple that it should not take more than a minute
to get an account ready. And after that what all it needs is to upload SSH Key
and send me the login name at github.com. But since I will be online most of the
time, sending a mail to me and getting this done should not take much time.

But maybe that's not really a big issue, considering that with the need
for copyright assignment, outsiders are not very likely to be interested
in Git access to the wiki anyways...

That's absolutely true. In fact this is what is keeping some of them away from
contributing ;-)
The real reason for setting up a repository on github is that discussing
things on the mailing list; waiting for some Savannah Hurd admin to set
things up etc.; is precisely *not* what we wanted here -- we need a
*quick* and easy solution for the needs of organising GSoC stuff.
(Especially as you are the only admin who has been active over the past
two years or so, and even you have been mostly absent over the past
couple of months.)

I should have said this in my first mail to Thomas. Sorry for not making it
clear. Thank you a lot for telling this. 

To make matters worse, when I asked you a couple of days ago what you
propose to do about the wiki situation, you gave me an answer that,
quite frankly, sounded like "wait and pray" -- so I decided to take
initiative and look for another solution. Luckily, with the
decentralized nature of Git, this in to problem at all. (Except perhaps
for some additional noise in the history...)

I am both waiting and praying from many days ;-)

Thanks and regards,

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