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How to provide proxy nodes

From: Sergiu Ivanov
Subject: How to provide proxy nodes
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 12:54:19 +0300


I am working on nsmux, which is the translator implementing
namespace-based translator selection. The main idea of this translator
is using libnetfs to mirror a directory in the filesystem and provide
the possibility to access files with special names, like 'file,,x',
which means 'Give me file "file" translated by translator "x"'. To
provide a response to requests of this type, nsmux has to create
*virtual* nodes, mirroring the nodes in the real filesystem, and stack
translators upon these virtual nodes. In this case, requests like
'file,,x' and 'file,,y' can be processed simultaneously.

The main problem is how to create and handle such virtual nodes. It is
not very difficult to create several libnetfs nodes, which will
contain ports to the same real file and will thus be all mirroring the
same file (this is what is required). However, when starting
translators using fshelp_start_translator and file_set_translator, I
have to feed some *ports* to these routines.  Is it possible to create
ports pointing to virtual libnetfs nodes? Or, maybe, there is a
different way to implement such functionality?


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