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CVS help needed, top and htop

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: CVS help needed, top and htop
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 01:37:27 +0530

Hi antrik, Samuel and all,
        antrik and Samuel I have been trying to meet either of you on
IRC from past couple of days but I am just not able to for some or
the other reason.

First of all, I wanted a small help regarding CVS. Should I now simply
copy the directory of my project i.e procfs into the Hurd Source Tree
of my branch that I have already checked out and just do cvs add procfs
and commit it or should I do a cvs import of my project ?

Also I have a small confusion regarding Changelog. antrik, I happened
to go through the IRC logs between you and Zhengda and got few points.
But these are my specific doubts. Should I have to create the new
Changelog now while committing to the CVS. Or can I just reuse the
original Changelog I had created which you said doesn't make much
sense to maintain a separate Changelog as long as I use git (if you
remember) ?

And can you please suggest me how should the entry in the Changelog
and also the commit log for the very first log be ?

This is what I intend to write it as, is this Ok or do you suggest something

2006-07-13 Madhusudan.C.S. <madhusudancs@gmail.com>

        * Initial commit of the procfs translator. The entire history
           of development is available at
           This provides a GNU/Linux compatible /proc filesystem
           which can now support procps tools like pgrep, pkill, kill
           tload, top, free and psmisc tools like killall and pstree.
           It also supports htop to run over it.

Also now regarding the porting of these tools, top and htop mostly
works as I have written in the wiki page. The per-PID shared memory
coloumn and the non per-PID Caches and Buffers fields are the only
fields not working as they work in GNU/Linux now. Any suggestions
on these?

Also what do you intend me to do next? I was just thinking to stop
adding new features for a short time now and concentrate on docu-
mentation and fixing few small bugs I have indentified in the code.
But what do you suggest please?

And I have one very libnetfs specific host, to implement
/proc/self, I need to identify the process i.e the client which accesses
the procfs in someway, say the PID of the client, how to get that?
Can you suggest me some idea?

Finally, regarding patching procps. As I noted down, procps needs
to be patched at 3 places.
1. Is obviously changing PATH_MAX to 32 as Samuel suggested
    in the last meeting.
2. In the file proc/version.c, the procps determines the version
    of Linux kernel to which the /proc belongs to and as I suppose
    it changes the way it reads the fields from /proc files vary.
    But on Hurd this version is returned as 0.3.0 which is in no
    way valid for procps. As of now I have Hard Coded it to
    2.6.18, since the procfs I have written in most compatible
    with that version of Linux. So how do you suggest I patch it?
    Atleast here we need to differentiate between Hurd's version
   of procps and Linux's version of procps. How do I do it?
3. As per what we do above, the value of Hertz is determined
    initially. So if its 2.6.x it uses the elf binaries methods to get
    Hertz value from it other wise it calls Old_Hertz () [ An
    incredible hack, in antrik's words ;-) ] function which then
    may read from /proc/uptime file to determine Hertz.

So how to patch the 2 and the 3rd problems?

Thanks and regards,

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