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Final GSoC submission

From: Andrei Barbu
Subject: Final GSoC submission
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 06:58:06 -0400


Apparently we're not allowed to be evaluated on anything we submit
after today at noon PDT.
I thought with that in mind I'd send in my submission.

Final status update

    * Wrote docs
    * Cleaned up a bit, removed dead code
    * mach_wait_probe now handles the size of the memory returned,
this obsoleted much of the C API
    * Sample probes:
          o A trivial example probe
          o Counting the number of times a probe executes
          o An example of how to use memory from the kernel: print out
every RPC to the kernel & the thread that launched it
    * Read over the code
    * Rolled patches
    * The entire final submission:
          o My final gnumach source tree, all patches applied
          o Some docs
          o All the patches including db_probes
          o Some sample probes


The website has links to all of these.


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