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Some questions about libports and notification of ports

From: zhengda
Subject: Some questions about libports and notification of ports
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 22:47:18 +0200
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Hello everyone,

I want to get the confirmation from you about the usage of ports_get_right(), ports_destroy_right() and ports_port_deref(). When I use ports_get_right() to get the receive right of the port, I should always make a send right for the port. So if we just want to get the name of the port, we should use the port_right field in port_info directly. Am I right? ports_destroy_right() is only used to destroy the receive right and it shouldn't be able to destroy the port_info object. ports_port_deref() is the one to destroy the port_info object (of course, only when its reference count is 0), right?
I realize now that I really need to use libports very carefully.

Another question is about the notification of no senders.
From the mach manual, I see there are two situations where no-senders notification is generated. 1. "If notify is not null, and the receive right’s make-send count is greater than or equal to the sync value, and it has no extant send rights, than an immediate no-senders notification is generated." 2. "Otherwise the notification is generated when the receive right next loses its last extant send right." For the first case, why is the notification generated only when make-send count >= the sync value? Is there any special reason for this? For the second case, if notify is null, how can we receive the notification? The same question for the dead-name notification (the argument notify is also allowed to be null).

Zheng Da

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