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Re: What operations in store_parsed_open() need the privilege?

From: Da Zheng
Subject: Re: What operations in store_parsed_open() need the privilege?
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 23:32:29 +0200
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Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 03:48 +0200, Da Zheng wrote:
It sounds as if you got EPERM from store_parse_open, but
proc_getprivports is not being called, so you are having trouble
understanding why you got an error message at all.
Yes, exactly.
This will depend much on what the store specification was which was
passed to store_parse_open.  Can you provide more details?
I run subhurd with "boot servers.boot /dev/hd1", so the libstore should read the disk.

I believe it fails inside boot's main() function when boot attempts a
store_parsed_open on /dev/hd1.  Why would you expect your proc server to
have anything to do with that?

I know boot fails and gets EPERM when it calls store_parsed_open, but I need to know what operations inside store_parsed_open() fail. Otherwise, I don't know how to fix it.

I looked into the code of libstore again and inserted some debugging print in libstore (I did it before, but I forgot to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so boot can link to the modified libstore.so when I ran subhurd. I was so stupid).

I find the problem now.
When I run "boot servers.boot /dev/hd1", the store_class is actually store_query_class, and store_open() is called to open "/dev/hd1". So the error EPERM is actually returned by file_name_lookup() in store_open(). I always thought dev_open() would be called. No wonder that I didn't see proc_getprivports() was called.

Zheng Da

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