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Re: PyHurd 0.0.0a3

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: PyHurd 0.0.0a3
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 09:26:32 +0200
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I just dived into pyHurd again (switched to wmii for that, so a qemu crash 
wouldn't take my open KDE config files again...) and wrote a simple file 
object for pyhurd (as example). 

- http://freehg.org/u/ArneBab/pyhurd

f = file.file(path)
# read 
# write
# seek (only works for write, since I didn't know 
# how to read from a specific position)
# Whence specifies from where to seek (as in Python): 
# 0: Beginning, 1: Current position, 2: End
f.seek(offset, whence = 0) 

It is simply an adapted version of your copy and dump examples, but might be 

Also I found in the mean time (some months ago), how freehg can be used 
The freehg _website_ only allows a pull model, than means you can only push to 
your own repositories and get data from others by pulling from them. 

To create efficient structures, the best way I found is to just create pair 
repositories, one to which you push, one from which you pull. 

If you want to do it, you only need to add the following lines in the 
".hg/hgrc" file in your pyhurd repository: 

# Path to pull from
default = http://freehg.org/u/ArneBab/pyhurd
# Path to push to

I just did the same in reverse, so if you add it, we'll have synchronizing 

Best wishes, 

Am Sonntag 15 Juni 2008 12:57:42 schrieb Anatoly A. Kazantsev:
> Hello.
> PyHurd 0.0.0a3 available from http://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyHurd/
> I've made a "litle" refactoring of code and split code into 4 modules:
> hurd, mach, glibc and fcntl. Add a new MachPort class and rewrite IO class
> to use MachPort class as parent class.
> If you want to run a few simple test or see examples you need dowload
> source distribution. It's available on the same page.
> P.S.: we really need a good tests :-) If you want to help us, please reply.

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