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A niche for the Hurd

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: A niche for the Hurd
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 10:17:10 +0200
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Currently I know the Hurd as a nice and working concept, but I'd like it to 
spread, and for this it needs a niche. 

Is there already a niche where the Hurd is the best of all systems? 

For that I'd like to organize a small brainstorm - just write down some usages 
where the Hurd could be or already is the best of all systems. 

The reason behind this is to have the Hurd be used in real life applications, 
so that it can slowly gain a holding. 

A basic way for doing so is to first select a "pond" which is small enough 
that there are no bigger "fishes". Then to occupy that pond, and as soon as it 
is "conquered" move to the next slightly bigger pond. 

This may sound like warfare, but it is simply strategic working: Having a 
niche as base gives the required momentum to move on. It's what free software 
has doen from the beginning (for example with most webservers running 

Please keep it at brainstorm mode for a week (till next Tuesday): No 
criticizing of other peoples ideas, but instead just gathering ideas. Some 
niches will requuire work to be "conquered" - that required work can be talked 
about later on; it's just inefficient for the discussion flow to talk about it 

I'll begin with an idea for the brainstorm. Please add yours. 

Niches for the Hurd: 

- Tinkerers who like its design. 

Best wishes, 
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history of free software.
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