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Weird O_RDWR flag definition

From: Adam Tkac
Subject: Weird O_RDWR flag definition
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 23:56:27 +0100
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Hi all,

I've found weird issue with O_RDWR access flag. When you want check
if file is opened for read-only or read-write access you can write
code like:

if (mode & O_WRONLY)

That piece of code should fail only if file is opened with write-only
access mode.

Main problem is that GNU/Hurd has this O_RDWR flag definition:


It looks like bad for me because code written above fails even if file
is opened with read-write access.

Yes, you could use condition like

if (!((mode & O_RDWR) || (mode & O_RDONLY)))

but it is really not intuitive and will mysteriously break many

I think O_RDWR definition should be revised, isn't it? That definition
is part of libc but change will affect whole OS.

Regards, Adam

Adam Tkac

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