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About merging the Hurd homepage and the Hurd wiki

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: About merging the Hurd homepage and the Hurd wiki
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 11:01:09 +0100
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It has been my plan for a long time, but needed to much work effort to be
done immediatelly.  So I postponed it.  Has now perhaps the time come to
revisit this topic, in context of just having lost http (port 80) access
to the machine hosting the Hurd wiki?

Driving both a homepage, <http://hurd.gnu.org/>, that is very
infrequently updated, plus a wiki, (read-only mirror available at
<http://www.thomas.schwinge.homeip.net/hurd-wiki/>), that gets some more
care, seems a bit too much.  So what about merging them?

Of course the wiki's current appearance doesn't match up with the
``solid'' appearance of the Hurd homepage, so some work is needed there.

But does anyone disagree in general with merging the Hurd wiki into the
Hurd homepage?

Technically, <http://hurd.gnu.org/> would then show the Hurd wiki, having
the old homepage's sites incorporated.  The wiki edit links would take
the editor to a Hurd machine (hosted by Barry), running a CGI-enabled web
server on some non-standard port, i.e., not port 80.  There, the editing
is done -- the wiki engine is running there as usually.  Then, I'll
periodically merge back changes that have been done there into the
official repository serving the hurd.gnu.org pages -- potentially after
having made them fit to gnu.org web guidelines.



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