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Re: Fwd: Gentoo GNU/Hurd thread in Gentoo Forums

From: Matthew Ayres
Subject: Re: Fwd: Gentoo GNU/Hurd thread in Gentoo Forums
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 11:11:17 +0000

I'm planning to use Gentoo soon, so as someone who's done a lot of
research I'll stick my oar in.

> Is it
> something similar to Debian GNU/Hurd, with the difference that it will
> have portage, while Debian GNU/Hurd has apt?

Essentially yes, that's the nature of Gentoo.  It allows compilation
from source and selection of only those packages desired.

> Sorry if the questions look senseless, I'm just trying to figure out
> what could be the goal of developing Gentoo GNU/Hurd.

Gentoo users are, naturally, more technically minded than users of
many distros (Debian possibly being an exception here).  The Gentoo
meta-distro is generally compiled from source and that naturally makes
it more automatic for users to investigate and modify that source
code.  I believe that this offers a possible advantage to the Hurd
project because it opens an extra group of potential developers to
port software to the Hurd and to identify and create new features
needed in the Hurd itself.

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