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GNU Hurd changes vs. GCC: ``regression fixes and docs only''

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: GNU Hurd changes vs. GCC: ``regression fixes and docs only''
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 14:57:37 +0100
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We, the GNU Hurd people, would like to get GCC in a compilable/usable
shape for us again, without needing to do the patching that was needed
since the 4.2 release.  I have already some weeks ago sent the needed
patches to the gcc-patches mailing list, where they have been acked by
Paolo and Matthias.

Now that my GCC copyright assignment papers are on file and my sourceware
account has been enabled for accessing the GCC repository, I could in
theory install the patches.  However, as I read on the homepage, GCC
trunk is currently in ``regression fixes and docs only'' mode.  Asking on
OFTC's #gcc channel, after having stated that ``changes that are entirely
port specific generally have some leeway; that is, if the change can only
affect the Hurd target, then the Hurd maintainer may approve fixes for
serious bugs even in regression-only mode'', Ian told me to raise this
topic on the gcc list, as the ``problem'' is that currently no maintainer
for the Hurdy bits is listed in MAINTAINERS.  Being one of GNU Hurd
upstream, I'd offer to fill that position.


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