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How do I create a Hurd/Mach build system?

From: Ashish Gokhale
Subject: How do I create a Hurd/Mach build system?
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 00:13:34 +0530 (IST)

Hi All,
I know it sounds very basic. I am trying to have a working cross-build 
environment to build Hurd/Mach system, and I am stuck in this state for last 
couple of months. I am running debian Etch, using cross-compile scripts 
published by Thomas, http://nic-nac-project.de/~schwinge/tmp/cross-gnu-env & 
http://nic-nac-project.de/~schwinge/tmp/cross-gnu. This compilation crashes at 
various points. Could anybody suggest me a better path to have a build 
environment where I can learn & hopefuly takeup pending tasks asap. 

Thanks & awaiting responses


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