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Re: About merging the Hurd homepage and the Hurd wiki

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: About merging the Hurd homepage and the Hurd wiki
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 16:27:12 +0100
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Am Montag 10 November 2008 13:49:01 schrieb Thomas Schwinge:
> I can completely see what you're out for.  The question just is whether
> random hacker X, who doesn't even have the time to properly read provided
> information, is really going to support the Hurd project lastingly -- and
> that's mainly the people we're out for.  It may be, or -- perhaps more
> likely -- it won't be.  Of course, we need/appreciate every single little
> contribution, but the more wighty ones are the better ones.
> When I was reading through the Hurd web pages for the first time, I also
> only had a quick look.  But I bookmarked them for later perusal.  Which I
> then did some weeks/months later.

The site somehow grabbed your attention strong enough to get you to read it 

But it didn't manage to do that for many people yet. 

> Ah, now that's a valid point.  ``Read on.'' perhaps indeed suggests to
> the reader to immediatelly follow the link, which ``More detailed.''
> doesn't neccessarily do.

Often it's the little things :) 

> > and changing the
> > structure so that "What is the Hurd" becomes a regular section and the
> > news are a simple list
> > (<h2>News</h2><ul><li>newsitem</li><li>newsitem</li></ul>). Also I'd put
> > the table of contents above the news (but below the "What is the Hurd"
> > section) and include the news in it.
> Now I'm not sure if I got that completely right, but does the result on
> <http://www.thomas.schwinge.homeip.net/hurd-wiki/> look like what you
> envisioned?

It's very close, though I now understand why you didn't make "About the Hurd" 
a heading - it looks strange to see the section above in the table of 

That's something I would undo again (sorry).  

The news still look a bit too large (they look like only news wil follow), but 
I hope that my CSS snippet for your layout idea can change that. 

Best wishes, 

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