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Re: status

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Re: status
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 08:28:34 +0100
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On Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 11:52:01AM +0100, Michael Banck wrote:

> The Hurd project said it would move to L4, this project has failed and
> people are still confused about this several years later.  We should
> learn from this and not make any announcements or predictions on how
> or when the Hurd will move to a new microkernel until such a project
> is a reality.  

This is an issue I have been pondering for years now, to no avail: Does
promoting new Hurd variants do more harm or good in the end? It does
good, because it awakens new interest. It does harm, because it leads
people believe that the existing implementation is obsolete and not
worth working on.

It's probably more about communicating things right, than about leaning
towards one or the other extreme...


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