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Re: Some more git usage instructions (was: About merging the Hurd homepa

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: Some more git usage instructions (was: About merging the Hurd homepage and the Hurd wiki)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 18:06:22 +0100
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Am Mittwoch 12 November 2008 23:40:08 schrieb Thomas Schwinge:
> Unless changed, the local branch named `homepage' will correspond to the
> remote branch `origin/homepage'.  Create the local branch `homepage' with
> ``git branch homepage origin/homepage'' (potentially afterwards followed
> by ``git checkout homepage'' to switch your working directory to it), or
> directly ``git checkout -b homepage origin/homepage'' to create it and
> immediatelly switch your working directory to it).  Then install changes
> on that branch: either edit a file and ``git commit FILE'' or ``git merge
> SOME-OTHER-WORKING-BRANCH'' or ``git cherry-pick WHATEVER''.  Verify what
> you're going to push: ``git log --reverse -p -C -M
> homepage..origin/homepage''.  Push it: ``git push homepage''.  Then it
> will be installed on the remote `homepage' branch, which is locally known
> as `origin/homepage'.  If that pushing fails with a message like ``can't
> do fast-forward'' then there have (in the mean time) other changes been
> installed on the remote `homepage' branch.  Fetch these via ``git
> fetch''.  Rebase your local branch's changes (still assuming that
> `homepage' is checked out into your working directory) on top of those:
> ``git rebase origin/homepage'' and push again: ``git push homepage''.
> Please don't merge from `origin/master' into `homepage'

- snip -

> More questions?

Currently not - you answered about all my questions, including the ones I 
didn't yet write (for example "how can I check which changes will be in a 

Many thanks! 

PS: About ikiwiki: I don't yet know why it doesn't build for me. The new 
version also doesn't work :( 
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